CarboClear® Pedicle Screw System

Screw Cross Section

• Made of continuous carbon fibers reinforced polymer
• The Only Full Carbon Fiber System
• Poly-Axial Screw Design – 15° trajectory variation
• Bone / screw interface: Ultrathin Titanium Shell for X-Ray visualization & better bone integration


• MRI & CT: No artifacts.

• Oncology: Essential in radiation therapy:
– No backscattering.
– No attenuation.
– Precise radiation planning.

• Unparalleled Fatigue Strength.

• Optimal Modulus of Elasticity.

 • Radiolucent: Allows effective follow-up.

Available sizes

Pedicle Screws

Screw threads marked by Ultrathin Titanium Shell for visualization under flourscopy.


Special Rods For Oncology

Locking Elements

** The screw tulips, locking elements & rods for oncology have no tantalum marker.

Visualization under fluoroscopy**