EPORE® acetabulum spacer

EPORE® is a highly porous structure made of titanium alloy (TiAl6V4) which is an excellent material for use as a porous in-growth structure as it is biologically inert, it is ductile, it is corrosion resistant and it has a high fatigue strength.

A range of EPORE® spacer sizes, with screw holes for initial fixation or primary stability, are available for oval defect-filling around implantcast hip cup systems and for implant augmentation.

The EPORE® structure is characterised by rods which are 330µm to 390µm thick and a low modulus of elasticity which is similar to that of bone. The rods are arranged in a way that mimics cancellous bone for secondary osseointegration.

Product details


  • oval acetabular defect-filling
  • acetabular implant augmentation


Product range:
4 sizes (54, 58, 62, 66mm) and 3 heights (10, 15, 20mm)