mont blanc 3D+

Coplanar Alignment System

The mont blanc 3D+ spinal system is a comprehensive instrumentation set for the correction of idiopathic scoliosis using mont blanc implants.

The mont blanc 3D + instrumentation allows a direct and global correction of idiopathic scoliosis using the technique called vertebral coplanar alignment.


  • a correction performed in all three-dimensions.
  • correction over the whole deformed length of the spinal column.
  • alignment and implantation in a single stage.
  • protection or restoration of the kyphosis.
  • Instrumentation fully compatible with mont blanc implants.

Product range:

  • Monobloc and polyaxial traction screws Ø 4, 5, 6, 7mm, L 25 to 55mm
  • Titanium alloy or Cobalt-chrome rods Ø 5.5mm, L 250 to 550mm
Surgical Technique